Hello bloggers! I’m ecstatic that you’ve somehow made your way onto my page. As a token of my gratitude, I’ll share with you a little about myself and this blog:

I’m a twenty-four year old female, graduated from UCF (with a worthless English degree) and I live in sunny central Florida – get at me.

My goal here is to write on topics and commence a conversation between myself and other bloggers on topics that I personally connect with – and I hope you will too. I’m looking for an open discussion from one person to another so we can all share our thoughts and ideas in a forum where all voices will be heard and recognized.

Some topics we will discuss here include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Current Events
  • Travel Pieces
  • Entertainment – Games/Books/TV Shows/Movies
  • Creative Writing/Collab Pieces

Stay awhile, look around and enjoy your time here! I look forward to the world we can create together, starting here in the blogosphere!