5 Sent. Story – Admire


I’m new to WordPress so be patient with me. Thanks to Luna @ GamersUnitedGG I am slowly in the process of hopefully being active here.

Here is my submission for the 5 sentence story hosted by Riya @ AestheticGraphy. I know I’m late but I thought I’d at least get something posted on here.

Bloodshot, salivating, hands tense while my body shakes. I can’t even bring myself to blink as I gaze at you, complete admiration for your beauty, the enticing ecstasy you bring me every time I allow myself to indulge in your presence. Nothing on this earth compares to the hold you have over me. I’ve gone through this life accumulating many riches and I have sold them all for you – I’ve given up my wealth, my property and the family who doesn’t support the love you have for me. My nose burns as you run through my veins, coursing me towards a higher state of being.



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